Friday, September 26, 2008

The Pure Class of the Palins

meets the pure crass of the New York "elites". James Taranto nails it:

From the New York Times Web site, we learn an interesting detail about Sarah Palin's family:
Her parents had come to New York after 9/11 to help with the recovery effort.
Her parents, Chuck and Sally Heath, worked at Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island in January and February of 2002 as part of a federal Department of Agriculture program.
In a phone interview this evening, Mr. Heath said that he and his wife worked to keep sea gulls and rats from scavenging. Mr. Heath, who is a retired science teacher and is 70 now, and Mrs. Heath, 68, a retired secretary, have worked for the Agriculture Department for the last 15 years. They travel around the world dealing with "nuisance" animals like rats and bears.
"A lot of people just didn't like the job, it was kind of a morbid thing," he said of the work at the Staten Island landfill. "But I thought it was part of history." He said they worked alongside detectives and firefighters and enjoyed "rubbing elbows" with them and hearing their stories.
While working at Fresh Kills, they stayed in Edison, N.J., about 17 miles away. Mr. Heath said that was the only part of their tour that they did not like, because the traffic was so heavy. "I'm a country boy," he said.

It's hard to be in New York these days without hearing vicious and snobbish comments about Palin and her family. The other night we heard a journalist on an elevator call the Alaska governor "stupid" (he was annoyed because her security had delayed his arrival at an event). Earlier a woman at a cocktail party went on a tear about Palin's pregnant daughter.

It's nice to think that the Palin family does not seem to reciprocate New Yorkers' contempt for them.

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