Monday, September 29, 2008

Red State, Blue County

As part of my online marketing efforts for Water Signs, I was advised to join groups like Facebook. While it's great fun using the site to keep up with my nephew Dom (and good friends who live out of state), most of the South Florida acquaintances are solidly in the Obama camp. Against my better judgment, I just spent ten minutes on a post explaining why the War on Terror -- which should really be called the "War against Radical Islamic terrorism" -- vis a vis Iraq, has been a success. This was in response to someone linking the Washington Post's article about fallen soldiers. Why is it so hard for people to understand that Saddam was a threat to his own people, the region, the USA and the rest of the world? What don't they get about over 15 violated UN (sigh!) resolutions, terrorist training camps all over the country, rape rooms, torture chambers and other atrocities? Why can't they see that we drew the enemy into Iraq like cockroaches, where it was much easier to annihilate them?

Most importantly, what don't they comprehend about the concepts of honor and belief in a cause greater than oneself? No soldier hopes to die, but should they fall in battle, the best way we can show our gratitude is by finishing the job.

Finally, perhaps the Washington Post should publish photos of all of the dead babies at Christ Hospital in Chicago -- you know, the ones who miraculously survived abortions and were left to die in soiled utility rooms? Senator"above my pay grade" Obama refused to "honor" these human beings by voting for the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, just another reason why this man must never become President. And yet, South Floridians in general, love him.

Thank God for the I-4 corridor, Jacksonville and Pensacola -- otherwise, this state would be a lost (political) cause.

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