Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Sunshine State Loves Sarah!

Wow! She drew a crowd of 60,000 in The Villages, north of Orlando:

Republicans can always draw good crowds out at the sprawling Villages -- exactly a year ago I saw Fred Thompson thronged like a matinee idol there -- but the Florida GOP is saying tonight that Palin's crowd broke state attendance records. At the very least, it outpaced the 15,000 President Bush drew to the retirement community four years ago.

To reiterate: An Alaska governor who was virtually unknown a month ago and is the number two on the presidential ticket may have doubled or tripled the crowd for a sitting president. (emphasis mine)

In related news, Mom tells me Media, PA is preparing for at least 20,000 at tomorrow's scheduled rally. But the really, really great news is...the Eagles won! Just kidding, Cuda. These numbers you're racking up are doing my heart good; now if I could just stop poll-watching, maybe I can get through this election season with all of my mental faculties intact! And I thought 2004 was bad!

UPDATE: Click to watch. Talk about an enthusiastic gathering! Listen to the cheers when she introduces her family, especially Trig and Todd. :)

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