Friday, September 26, 2008

Clear Edge To McCain In First Debate

In my humble opinion, John McCain was clearly the winner in round one of the Presidential debates. He appeared presidential and had complete command of the facts, while Obama appeared nervous and looked like he was on the high school debate team. If the debate, was a fight it would be scored a unanimous decision for McCain. However, it should have been a knockout.
McCain should have harped on the true cause of the current economic crisis. As Daria and Doc Paul have eloquently stated, the root cause was bad government regulation in the form of the CRT. If McCain hammers home this point in the future, he can cripple Obama. In addition, I thought McCain missed a golden moment when Obama claimed that the children of the world no longer look up to America like his Kenyan father did. The perfect retort would have been something on the order of, if that's the case Barack, why do millions come here every year both legally and illegally and why we are we the first country in the history of the world to have to build a fence to keep people out.
Nevertheless, a good night for McCain. He can make it a perfect weekend if he is able to return to DC and get a compromise bill passed that upholds conservative principles. As for now, I cannot wait for the VP debate!

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