Monday, October 13, 2008

Update to my Muvico Post

Remember the "terrorists" in masks standing outside the theater holding an anti-Obama sign when I pulled into the parking lot? Turns out, they are members of a PAC called Conservative Republican Alliance (now that's a CRA I can support!), whose Founder and CEO is Javier Manjarres.

Staunch conservative Manjarres is doing his part to drive the Republican party back to its conservative roots -- an effort desperately needed now more than ever. Please click over to the site and check it out. It appears the organization is setting up shop all over the country, so you can see if there's a chapter near you.

Here's a video CRA put together:

Again, I scratch my head in disbelief at any patriotic American even considering pulling the lever for Obama. From the CRA press release:

Barack Hussein Obama: Change (HE) can believe in

(Boca Raton,FL.)- The Conservative Republican Alliance-PAC Unveiled it's Pro-American campaign at the premier of the motion picture "The Third Jihad". Several CRA "insurgents" held up an anti- Obama sign , dressed in fatiques and wore black masks. The response was mixed. Many people cheered and gave a thumbs up. The majority of the patrons that inquired about the demonstration did not know that the terrorist group Hamas had indeed endorsed Senator Obama.

It was really disheartening for me to bear witness to the immense amount of blatant ignorance from the "Obama nation". It was evident that these people had ingested far too much of the falafel and hummus rhetoric coming from the Obama campaign. The Obama supporters seemed dumb-founded to actually think that this could actually be true! Unfortunately for them, Hamas did endorse Senator Barack Hussein Obama.

Of course, much of the blame for this ignorance lies at the feet of the lamestream media, who continue to fawn over and insulate their guy to the point where any valid criticism (and there's an abundance of disturbing facts about the Chicago-machine politician) of Barack Obama is promptly attibuted to "racism."

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to meet the "insurgents" last night as I'd learned of the event at the last minute and had to literally run for the theater from my faraway parking space. However, I did email Javier today, and purchased a one-year membership in this worthy organization. We have to fight for the heart and soul not only of our beloved country, but the Republican party, which once again has been infected with "squishy," big-spending, country club types. And the best way for each of us to do that is at the grassroots level.

By the way, the sign proclaimed this message, in Arabic at the top, and English right below:

CHANGE (HE) can believe in.

Endorsed by Hamas

On the left-hand side, there was a huge headshot of Obama, and to the right, the Hamas logo. I wish I knew how to reproduce the photo here (received it via email), as I truly appreciate CRA's efforts to give the people of Boca Raton a dose of reality. Now if some of them could stop obsessing over "choice" (i.e. abortion) and realize we're in an existential struggle that demands a serious, pro-America candidate, maybe we could actually win this thing. I remain optimistic that CRA's campaign and The Third Jihad will help get them off of the fence and into the McCain-Palin column.

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