Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama's Pressing Priorities

What will he first tackle if (God forbid!) he makes it to the White House? Global Jihad? The economy? Nope. As this Family Research Council ad makes clear, Obama has much more important issues to confront -- namely unfettered, taxpayer-funded (whether you believe it's murder or not) abortion.

Now, for all of my pro-choice friends reading this, a quick civics lesson. Neither the President, nor the Vice-President (hint: Sarah Palin) has the authority to overturn Roe v. Wade. However, irrespective of your stand on the issue, from a policy point of view, Roe v. Wade is bad law. Unelected judges overreached the authority granted them in the Constitution to force this abomination into American society. We are a federalist nation; therefore, the citizens of each state should have the right to vote on their own abortion laws.

Most Americans, even if they are pro-choice, want restrictions on abortion, whether they take the form of a ban on the brutal practice of partial-birth abortion or parental consent for minors (with added protections to guard against cases where the minor has been sexually abused by a parent or guardian, resulting in pregnancy). The folks never got a say in the crucial matter, because activist judges had an agenda to promote. So taking the emotion out of it for a moment, if individual states are permitted to pass their own speed limit laws, certainly each one has the right to put something as serious as life to a vote. That's the real problem with Roe v. Wade. We can debate whether life begins at conception all day long (and I believe it does), but the fact remains, Roe is an affront to the Constitution.

Just wanted to clear that up before some of you get mad at me.

Here's the ad:

How's that for twisted priorities?

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