Sunday, October 5, 2008

The RNC is Fighting

Per Amanda Carpenter, the RNC is filing a complaint tomorrow with the Federal Elections Commission over alleged illegal campaign donations:

The Republican National Committee is filing a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission over what they believe are illegal donations made to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign from foreign sources."We believe they have been accepting donations from foreign nationals and excessive contributions," said RNC Communications Director Danny Diaz. He said there were "questions with regards to the legitimacy" of the hundreds of millions low-dollar contributions Obama has received. Federal campaign finance law forbids campaigns from accepting donations from foreign nationals.

The complaint will be formally filed with the FEC Monday. The RNC is requesting that the FEC begin auditing Obama's campaign contributions.If the RNC's allegations are true, it won't be the first time the FEC has found Obama guilty of taking money from foreign sources. Earlier this year, the FEC ordered the Obama campaign to return an illegal donation worth $31,100 made from two brothers in the Gaza Strip.

More Chicago-style hope and change.

UPDATE: Powerline has much more on the story.

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