Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Emailed Team McCain....

Via their website, and practically begged the Senator to take the gloves off when it comes to Obama's role in the entire Fannie and Freddie disgrace. God only knows if he'll listen to people like me, but I suspect mine is not the only electronic communication he's received along these lines. So many of us are utterly frustrated with his insistence on running an "honorable" campaign, realizing that, although it's great to see him on the attack regarding Bill Ayers and Obama's US Military-bashing, these factors are -- sadly -- not enough to win him an election.

It's beyond my comprehension that these Independents and their tender sensibilities hold so much sway when the stakes are this frighteningly high for America. First of all, if you are incapable of reviewing the platforms of both parties and then making a decision as to which one most speaks to your values, you don't really deserve to exert this kind of influence. What is it with these voters anyway? They can't do a little research and make a decision as to which major party represents them the best? Good grief! They don't even pay attention until we're less than two months away from the most consequential event in our country's modern existence, and the only sane candidate in the race is afraid to fight for fear of alienating these losers?

Hey Indy voters, here's a clue: If the accusation is factual, it's fair game. Exposing Obama as the #2 recipient of Fannie and Freddie largesse isn't racist; it's simply the truth. Calling out complicit Democrats in this particular crime against hard-working, tax-paying Americans is a patriotic duty. Politics is not for the weak-willed or faint of heart. So get over it. You're the same group that apparently gives Dems the edge in all the polls on the economy. If you're that incapable of employing critical thinking at this point, why not leave the survival of the USA to those of us who have been engaged in the political process all our lives?

Kind of ironic isn't it, that the co-sponsor of that dreadful piece of legislation, McCain-Feingold (a "bi-partisan achievement") now finds himself unable to fight for Michigan because he's low on cash. And even though he can make an exceptionally strong case to the American people this coming Tuesday about Obama's shortcomings in both the economic and national security sense, my gut tells me it aint gonna happen. Sad, because it wouldn't cost him a dime to do it. Tragic, because we may all suffer devastating consequences as a result, come November 4. Hint to Senator McCain: No matter what you say, you'll be branded a "racist," so go for broke and tell the American public the truth about this Marxist!

Since I am not the kind of girl to suffer defeat without a hard-fought battle, I urge anyone reading this post to go to the McCain site and encourage/beg/cajole him to shine the spotlight on Fannie and Freddie Dems this Tuesday night. If nothing else, it'll make you feel good about exercising your right to free speech and doing everything you can to carry McCain-Palin to the White House.

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