Thursday, October 2, 2008

Part 4

Ifill - nuclear weaponry

Palin - We use it as a deterrent. We have to make sure that we have sanctions on them, allies with us, prevent them from getting weapons if they don't have them. Back to Afghanistan: Takes Obama to the wood shed on his "air raiding villages". Surge principles should be implemented.

Biden - Facts matter. Our commanding general in Afghanistan says the surge principle won't work in Afghanistan. Something about 7 years in Afghanistan. Nuclear weapons require a regime that McC opposes (nuclear test ban treaty). Obama reached across aisle to Lugar to create serious, real law.

Palin - First, McClellan did not say that the surge principles would not work. We have allies in Afghanistan that we didn't have in Iraq. Clear and hold, rebuild civil infrastructure will work in Afghanistan.

Biden - Missed most of his response.

Ifill - Senator Biden, you have been an interventionist

Biden - Sorry, I laughed at "Bosniacs" and missed the rest of it. Suggested line for SHP: "Our supporters are McCainiacs, those folks are Bosnians". Going on about various hot spots, including Darfur.

Palin - It's so obvious that I'm a Washington outsider. You voted for the war and now you're against it. You supported McC pretty adamantly and opposed Obama until you became VP. I watched those debates; I know what you said. Talks about Alaska Permanent Fund (?) - called for divestment from Darfur.

Ifill - Is there a line that should be drawn?

Biden - Yes. We have to have the capacity. Etc. Shifts to distancing himself from McC's policies, says he was wrong about a like.

Palin - You can say what you want to say, but you supported McC, and the pundits will check things in the morning, and see that what I say is correct.

Ifill - How would a Biden administration differ from an Obama administration?

Biden - It would be an unspeakable tragedy if an Obama admininstration found itself with me in charge (hard to argue with that). Landry list of things that he would do to continue the Obama policy.

Palin - As for disagreeing with McC - what do you expect from a team of mavericks? He has never asked me to check my opinions at the door. Healthy debate, good policy. Put government back on the side of the people. We need reality brought from Wasilla Main Street to Washington. Fight against Wall Street and DC. Either support the ticket that wants to bolster the economy, cut taxes, increase jobs, etc.

Biden - Go to Home Depot with me (I spend a lot of time there - buying stuff for your waterfront proprety, no doubt). Barack Obama

Palin - Oh, say it ain't so, Joe. There you go again. Your whole question is premised on the Bush administration, and doggone it, we need to look forward. Thanks his wife for her service as a teacher, mentions lots of family members who are teachers, shout out to her brother's 3rd grade class (extra credit!), emphasis on education. My kids go to public school (subtle dig at Biden)

Ifill - Both have downplayed VP interest and role...

Palin - Lame attempt at humor. I know what a VP does (presides over the senate, etc). Slow Jow tries to join in the laughter. Goes to McC's goals and her role in leading the charge.

Biden - I would be point person for legislative actions. Give him my best advice. Independent judgment.

Ifill - VP might have more power than it has had in the past; executive or legislative?

Palin - It's both. There's flexibility. Executive experience contributed to my being picked as VP and will be put to good use.

Biden - VP Cheney has been the most dangerous VP in history. Doesn't know Article I rules about VP. Give best judgment to pres, and preside over Senate when there is a tie vote.

Ifill - Governor - you lack experience; Senator - you lack discipline

Palin - I have a lot of executive experience. I have a connection to the heartland of America. More important is that world view that says America is exceptional, a beacon of hope, unapologetic, not perfect, but together we represent an ideal - tolerance, equal rights, a force for good in the world - and we are a good team and a good ticket.

Biden - Just a lack of discipline? I have also been told I am too passionate (and too smart and caring, too, I suppose). I have been a single parent. My dad had to leave family behind in Scranton to find work in Wilmington. I understand. I understand people sitting around the kitchen table. They are looking for help.

Palin - People are looking for change. McC is ultimate maverick. Took on his own party to do what is right for the American people. I did that in Alaska. Whatever it takes to get the job done. Supported by Lieberman, Giuliani, Romney, Lingle (Gov of Hawaii).

Biden - He's not been a maverick - reels off list of things that he thinks show he isn't a maverick (even listing the war). Voted against home heating assistance.

Final Q

Ifill - single policy issue where you were forced to change a long-held view

Biden - Going on about judicial temperament. Now thinks that ideology matters in a judicial nominee, not just temperament. Judicial philosophy matters, and I changed on that.

Palin - I have had to cave on budgets. I wanted to zero base budget, had to compromise. I have never compromised on priniciple. Bring both sides together to do the work for the American people.

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