Thursday, October 2, 2008

Part 2

What promises can't you keep?

Biden - Foreign aid, ExxonMobil; cannot "slow up on" energy, education, health care plan. Bottom line: eliminate wasteful spending, one of which is $100 billion tax dodge by off-shore PO boxes.

Palin - Nice thing about McC is he doesn't say one thing to one group and another to another group. Energy plan: Obama voted for the big tax breaks for the oil companies. And do you know what I did as Governor? Names names - sweet! Corporate CEOs of oil companies operating in Alaska come behind the people of Alaska. THIS IS THE CUDA WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! Obama voted for the energy plan that I then had to turn around and undo in Alaska. GO SARAH!

Ifill - So nothing that you are going to take off the table?

Palin - I have been at this for 5 weeks; I haven't made too many promises. McC won't promise what he can't deliver.

Biden - Calls Palin's plan a windfall profits tax - could be another set up. Keeps trying to make the tax cut look as if it is targeted to oil companies.

Ifill - missed it as I checked the game, which I think is over

Palin - Apparently, there is a disagreement with McC on some specific thing. Bankruptcy bill, maybe?

Biden - Mortgage holders didn't get left holding the bag. He apparently voted differently from Obama. He is saying again that Obama wrote a letter to the Secy of Treasury about subprime mortgages. Now is saying that he wants to change not just the rates, but the principle. Not sure how that would work and he is not explaining.

Palin - That is not so. Goes back to energy: This is important. We need to do all that we can to make sure that this country is not moving to energy independence. Nice touch: "Easterners" who don't know about energy producing states like Alaska. Key to our future. When we talk about energy it's not about tax breaks, it's about energy independence.

Ifill - Climate change

Palin - As the Gov of the nation's only arctic state, I feel the climate change first hand. Plays down manmade role. Reduce emissions, all of the above approach, other countries have to be involved (we're allowing them to emit and pollute), alternative sources, conservation, clean up the planet.

Biden - "I think it is man made, it is clearly man made". Good! He's wrong and he is stating it as fact. He also gives that bogus stat about only having 3% of world's energy. He goes to China: coal plants (big set up!). Overstates the ability to export energy solutions profitably.

Ifill - follow up

Palin - Corrects Biden: The chant is Drill, Baby, Drill. Clean green natural gas. Largest infrastructure project ever is Alaska natural gas pipeline. You guys have called drilling off-shore "raping" the environment. Smiles as she digs the knife.

Biden - Misrepresents his rope line comments. If only answer you have is oil, then why did John not vote for alternative energy 20 times?

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