Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Debate Begins

Gwen Ifill does the intro. No disclosure of her conflict of interest.

"May I call you Joe?" (Oh, in that case, I'll just call you Bozo).

On the bailout - is this the best of Washington or the worst of Washington?

Biden's first - "Neither". Worst 8 years of economic policy, etc. Goes to Obama's 4 points. Remember, the 5th point, dropped by Obama, was that it would be a clean bill - LOL!

Palin - Thanks, etc. Personalizes the economy - ask a kid's mom at a soccer game, and you'll hear fear. Fed gov't has not provided the oversight. McCain has been providing oversight. He was there 2 years ago calling for FM reform (go, Cuda!). Bipartisanship, yadda yadda.


How do you shrink the gap of polarization in DC?

Biden - I can reach across the aisle. VAWA, etc. Goes back to bashing McCain - fundamentals of the economy are strong.

Palin - Nice comeback - McCain was praising the American workforce, the best in the world. Track record of reform, politics aside to get the job done. Obama votes party line, and doesn't reach across the aisle. Put the politics aside, get things done, work for the people.


Who was at fault for the subprime lending?

Palin - It was predator lenders. Deception by lenders, greed on Wall Street. C'mon, Sarah, oversight was lacking! Say so. Okay, she is coming back to "strict oversight" by the feds. Also touches on not living beyond means. I like that, and I like her bearing so far. "Never again" will we be taken advantage of.

Biden - Claims Obama warned about this before McCain even knew about it. Still trying to figure out where this comes from. McCain is all about deregulation. He may be walking into a trap, as this is nothing more than talking points.

Palin - Darn right we need tax relief so that jobs will be created here. 94 opportunities to side with the people, 94 times he didn't (either didn't cut taxes or not raise them). Okay response, but the health care deregulation things is a joke and she didn't take it on.

Biden - She didn't answer about deregulation.

Palin - Let me correct you on taxes. I am talking to the American people, not the moderator or you. Palin mentions regulations McCain has supported, while Biden flashes his goofy smile. Score points for Palin.


Ifill asks about taxes and how it isn't just redistribution.

Biden - I call it "fairness". Biden is wrong to claim that 95% of people will get a tax break, and includes in that the cap gains tax. Middle class apparently will be Biden's mantra tonight.

Palin - I take issue with redistribution of wealth. Nice reply - you're forgetting the millions of small businesses that are going to be hurt. Hits him on "patriotic" tax payments. Government needs to lessen the burden on the private sector. Trillion dollars in new spending.

Ifill - are you interested in defending McC's health care plan?

Palin - Yes I am. Family tax credit. Better than the mandate Obama offers. Smiles as she says "Do you really want the government running health care?"

Biden - We don't call it redistribution, we call it fairness. This is a loser for him. Still says that he wouldn't increase taxes unless you make $250,000. Now saying the McC's plan will drop 20 million from health insurance rolls, ultimate "Bridge to Nowhere".

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