Saturday, October 4, 2008

The New Benedict Arnold

There is a great traitor in our midst, yet this villain escapes under the radar and lives a life of splendor like any proud limousine, liberal. What did this person do, to merit the serious most accusation of traitor to her country ? How about setting the policy in the disgraceful Clinton - Gore Administration which prohibited the CIA and FBI from sharing information. Why the big deal? Because this ridiculous wall between the agencies led directly to the death of over 3000 Americans on 9/11, and the need for war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As if that wasn't enough, this traitor managed to get a seat on the 9/11 Commission where she passed "judgment" on others for their alleged security failures. Sounds to me again like the Soviet judge at Nuremberg ruling on Nazi war crimes. Not since Julius and Ethel Rosenburg, has one individual caused so much harm to her country. At least, they received the punishment they deserved and were executed. This traitor lives on to do more harm another day, and is treated royally as a member of the liberal establishment.

This traitor did not stop at security issues either. As a member of the Clinton Administration, she pushed for reforms of the CRA and forced banks to make bad loans leading directly to financial crisis and a socialist bailout bill. Yet now this devious individual, gets a pass while the dinosaur media and the Democratic Party point the finger at the Administration and Wall Street greed. Who per chance is this accomplice to murder and American financial greed. Stand up please, Jamie Gorelick! May justice find you one day.

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