Saturday, October 4, 2008

Craig Williams for Congress

I attended an event for this great conservative candidate last night. He has all the credentials. Marine, Desert Storm veteran, US Attorney and family man. Hopefully he will defeat the disgraceful, leftist incumbent Joe Sestak. The 7th Congressional District is Republican and deserves to be represented by someone who shares our values, not a big spending liberal who was forced to leave the Navy as a two star rather than three star Admiral, which should tell you something. He has also refused to debate Craig unless he agrees to some ridiculous conditions which even the League of Women Voters denounced.

At the event, Craig told a great story. As an Air Force brat he spent part of his youth in Alaska and his parents and older brother have settled there. While visiting for Christmas two years ago, his brother invited him to a local coffee shop and told him there was somebody very special who was going places, that he absolutely had to meet. When they arrived, Craig was introduced to gubernatorial candidate and former mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin.

Craig and Sarah have been friends ever since. He told us how impressive she is in person. They remain close and when the McCain - Palin team visited Media recently for a rally, Sarah taped a radio ad for him. America needs leaders like this in Washington desperately. Either get on board with your campaign Johnny Mac or stay out of the way. The dirty little secret is that the GOP can win Congress. If you notice the main stream media is focusing on the Presidential race and not Congress, which should tell you something.If things are handled properly by the McCain campaign Republicans can win both the White House and Congress. Unfortunately, "if" is a big word. Your country needs you now more than ever Senator, please asnwer the call like you did in Viet Nam.

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