Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gwen The Unbiased Moderator?

It is truly shocking that there has not been more of an uproar over Gwen Ifell "moderating" the Vice Presidential debate. Why the McCain camp would agree to this is astounding and is one more in a series of mistakes they have made over the few weeks after running an outstanding campaign. One can only hope that it is a minor, mid - season slump.

What is equally shocking is that Ifell herself fails to see the blatant conflict of interest. With her book heaping lavish praise on Obama and due to come out on Inauguration Day, she has a clear and substantial financial conflict of interest. If Obama wins, she stands to sell more books and make more money than if he loses. It's about the dollars, stupid! Yet no one in the dinosaur media seems to care. It also begs the question, couldn't PBS find anyone else? What's wrong with Jm Lehrer, he did a credible job during the Presidential debate.

Now, Gwen Ifell can support who she wants and write any book she wants. We live in a free country. All I ask is a little honesty, Gwen. You should voluntarily withdraw citing a conflict of interest. If you won't, then I suppose you'll have no objection and in fact will come out in support of either Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham or even better, Star Parker moderating the next Presidential debate. After all, at least those ladies admit that they're partisans, and none of them is writing a book about McCain due out on Inauguration Day. Hypocracy, thy name is liberalism.

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