Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fox Recap

Brit Hume: A lot of time seemed to be taken up with the moderator griping about the rules. Did McCain do what he had to do - make something happen to come back in the polls? I didn't hear a memorable moment.

Mort K: I didn't hear any such moment. JM had to change the game. I didn't hear it. (Surprise!) Standard questions with expected answers.

Bill Kristol: Point of Town Hall format is to get off-beat questions, but Brokaw sounded as if he was doing a job interview for Sec'y of HHS, of Treasury, of State, etc. Citizen questions would have been better. Extremely conventional. Boring.

Nina Easton: $300B plan to nationalize home mortgages is the end of free market capitalism.

Bill Kristol: Footnote - it was proposed by conservative economists.

Fred Barnes: It's a mortgage buy-down, not a mortgage buy-out. Dull. Dreadful. Not a town hall meeting. Very narrow band of questions. Immigration, abortion, guns, same sex marriage, moral views, etc. Rick Warren did a much better job. They said a lot of the same things they said in the first debate and on the campaign trail.

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