Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What alternate universe do I inhabit?

I watched the debate, found some faults with McCain, a lot of fault with the substance offered by Obama, and humor in Obama's put-down of Delaware as a state with lax credit standards (you go, Joe!). Was there a memorable moment? No. Did there have to be? Emphatically, no.

There are four weeks until the election. There is a tie in the latest Diageo/Hotline poll. Yet to read The Corner you'd think that McCain was down 15 and both houses of Congress were going to go Democratic by 2/3 to 1/3 margins. Buck up, people!

There is ample opportunity to make the case against Obama - what I wrote yesterday about the shocked Obama supporter in New Jersey after watching Hannity's America Sunday night is still operative. He is a radical. He wants me and you to pay for the abortions of poor women. He wants to lie about his past associations with Bill Ayers - why? Is he ashamed of something? Send Sarah to Fort Dix and attack Ayers in a way that makes Obama have to answer questions. Have McCain give a reasonable speech on the economy and attack Obama's ridiculous assertions about "deregulation". Do what the writer to Lisa Schiffren suggested in terms of media.

As Bill Hobbs pointed out and I posted yesterday, Gore WAS 11 points ahead of GWB at this point in 2000. Dammit, people, suck it up and fight! Stop wallowing in self-pity and pessimism. There is an election to be won and a radical socialist to keep out of the White House. Hillary wiped the floor with this guy for the last 2 months of the primaries, but the press kept telling her to quit. Don't freaking quit - FIGHT! NOW GET TO IT!

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Daria said...

Amen! National Review has been getting on my nerves for quite some time now. Some of them still aren't over the fact that Palin is the VP nominee. I think I'll just avoid the site until after November 4.