Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SNL video reappears

The best SNL skit in years - I guess it was edited to delete a caption of dubious propriety ("People who should be shot" - in regard to the owners of Golden West, the Sandlers).  I agree that the caption was over the top, and I am glad that it was scrubbed so that the video could be posted again and receive the kind of wide viewership it deserves:

Daria was on the disappearance earlier today (see the George Soros post).


Daria said...

Uh, Doc Paul, the caption is still there! I agree with you, it was over the top, but I just watched the vid and "people who should be shot" appears on the screen briefly.

Daria said...

Oh and let me add -- perhaps shot is going waaay to far, but they definitely should go to jail!