Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Question 6

Ingrid Jackson (young black female) - How will Congress move fast on climate change and green jobs?

JM: I have disagreed with Bush administration on this. Lieberman and I forced votes on this because of danger of climate change. Best way of fixing it? Nuclear power. I was on ships that used nuclear power - safe, clean, reprocess the spent fuel - we can do it and BO has opposed it. Nuclear will also produce jobs.

BO: This is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Also an opportunity. Create a new energy regime - will create 5M new jobs (just like that!). But we have to make an investment. National security issue. I favor solar, wind, geothermal, I favor nuclear power. I agree with McC (#2!). JM voted against alternative energy 23 times. We have 3% of reserves but use 25% of oil. Using more fossil fuels won't address GW.

TB: Bitching again about the time limits. Followup - should we fund a Manhattan Project to deal with this, or fund a million garage projects a la Silicon Valley.

JM: Nails Obama on voting for an energy bill larded with goodies ("that one" voted for it; I voted against it). Offshore drilling is vital to bridge the gap. Reduce the price of a barrel of oil. We've got to drill off shore and we have to do it now. Look at record - Obama didn't support nuclear energy.

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