Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Question 4

Internet Q: What sacrifices will you ask Americans to make?

JM: We have to eliminate bureaucracies that aren't working. Talks about defense spending and how he saved tax payers $6.8B on a project (he's mentioned this before). Not just BO's $3M projector, but all projects have to be reviewed. Spending freeze (except for defense and veterans benefits) needed. No closed doors and no earmarks. Going back to last question: We can solve more than one problem at a time, I won't tell someone who needs health care to wait, we will deal with all of them.

BO: Recalls 9/11 - starting to "uh" a lot - GWB did some smart things at the outset. However, telling Americans to go out and shop was not the kind of thing that inspired people. Each and every one of us needs to think about energy use. Now he wants off-shore drilling. Clean coal technology. Restore nuclear energy (hey, maybe he has come around; watch out, though, Biden is against clean coal, except "over there"). Make green cars here. Young people want to serve - double the Peace Corps, youth service corps (McC should hit him on cost).

TB: GWB said "Wall St got drunk". Didn't government and consumers also get drunk?

BO: It starts with DC. If we're running trillion dollar debts, then people think there's easy money out there. Spending side, but also revenue side. Earmarks are only $18B of the budget. Giving a tax break to CEOs so they can make another $700k, that's not sacrifice. Asking a teacher to tighten her belt when people are living high on the hog is not fair. I disagree with the across the board freeze, that's a hatchet and I want to use a scalpel (repeat from last debate).

JM: Nailing down BO's tax program is like nailing jello to a wall. Hoover raised taxes in a recession and practiced protectionism. BO's secret: his tax increases will increase taxes on 50% of small business revenue. Won't be able to hire. He said a while ago he would forgo his tax increases if the economy is bad - well, it's bad. I am not in favor of tax cuts to the wealthy, but to the middle class. Double the child tax credit. Provide a tax credit for health care.

TB: Won't let BO step out of protocol even though he wants to.

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