Thursday, October 9, 2008

Phils take Game 1

Derek Lowe looked untouchable for quite a while, and I wondered whether this would be a meek 2-0 defeat. Kudos to Shane Victorino for racing down the line to force a hurried throw from Rafael Furcal; the throw was errant, and heads-up base running by The Flyin' Hawaiian put him on second base. Chase Utley followed with a homer to deep right center. After Ryan Howard grounded out, Pat Burrell hit a low line drive that left the yard in about 3 seconds, ricocheting off a bunch of hands before landing among the decorative flowers. Fans trying to get that souvenir didn't show the flowers much respect.

Cole Hamels was brilliant. I was unhappy that he was lifted for a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the 7th, after Carlos Ruiz beat out an infield grounder. I was not made happier when So Taguchi popped up the first pitch in a feeble bunt attempt that was caught for the first out. Ryan Madson looked sharp in the 8th, and Brad Lidge, despite a couple of long fly outs, recorded the save without his usual theatrics, thank goodness.

It was a win the Phils needed to have, and a win in Game 2 will guarantee either a short series with the Phils ending it in LA or a return to Philly for Game 6. Watching the fans wave the white towels and get on their feet, whooping it up in support of the Phils - that brought back some happy memories. The only off note of the night was Larry Bowa in Dodger blue reading the LA lineup - talk about through the looking glass!

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