Friday, October 10, 2008

"Palling Around" with Hezbollah and Hamas

Must-see post over at Gateway Pundit: Obama's Muslim Outreach Advisor was caught meeting with Hamas and Hezbollah supporters in Virginia last month. But hey, nothing to see here, right? It's just more hope and change, si?

Once again, FOX News goes where other news organizations fear to tread, and you can watch their coverage of this story over at Jim Hoft's site. I just hope this is the beginning of the end of "The One's" campaign to destroy America. The Ayers attacks appear to be gaining some traction, there's new information regarding Tony Rezko, who may implicate Obama any day now, and the McCain campaign is at last beginning to connect the dots between Obama, ACORN, Fannie-Freddie, voter fraud and financial catastrophe. At the very least it appears that those of us who love our country, freedom, democracy and the free market are not going down without a fight.

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