Thursday, October 16, 2008

Of Phils, Plumbers, (Allegedly) "All-Star" Panels and "Undecided" Focus Groups

UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom for the inspiring video that ties together the Phils and Johnny Mac - the underdogs who wouldn't quit! And I couldn't help but add a bonus video, too.

First, yay Phillies! I kept switching back to the game everytime it was the insufferable Obama's turn to speak (whine?) last evening. I too remember well 1980, when as a 13 year-old, I watched live from way out in center-field with a 16 year-old Doc Paul. What a fabulous night that was! And for my dad, the quintessential die-hard Phillies fan, congratulations, Pop! They finally did it again for you! :)

Since I love to multi-task, I also had the Hot Air live stream going while I watched the debate performance. JMac was on! Sure, there were some missed opportunities, but overall he was relaxed, comfortable and confident. He "employed" my new favorite American, "Joe the Plumber," to castigate Obama's socialist (I do wish he'd also used the "s" word, but he still drove the point home) plans for the country. I loved the fact that Senator McCain repeatedly uttered phrase"spread the wealth" and that he looked into the camera (must've been told by 'Cuda to do so) to direct his message to the electorate.

The ironic, "Congratulations, Joe, you're rich!" was particularly effective, as was his explanation of his healthcare plan. What American watching wouldn't understand that McCain wants them to choose the best option for them, using a $5,000 tax credit and the ability to cross state lines? Who wouldn't recoil at the thought of a "government bureaucrat" getting between them and their doctor?

I was especially gratified that Mac stood up for the base (something Mark and I questioned just hours before the debate), and that he took Obama to task for those disgusting tee-shirts denigrating Governor Palin. His entire defense of her was robust, and his take-down of Joe Biden (mentioning Ol' Joe's plan to partition Iraq into three countries), priceless.

"Senator Government?" An awesome Freudian slip that the McCain ad team should consider using in their next effort. Hey, if the Nanny State shoe fits, he damn well ought to wear it!

As I read the comments on the dizzying livestream, most Hot Air readers had similar reactions to the final showdown. So I thought for sure that at least one or two of the FOX "All-Stars" would congratulate the Maverick on an excellent performance.

I thought wrong.

Ok, no surprise that Juan Williams would stand up and cheer for his smirking, sulking, socialist candidate (how's that for alliteration:), but what's wrong with Bill Kristol? McCain didn't explain his healthcare plan well enough? What did he want him to do, use a pointer and a white board?

I didn't stick around to listen to the rest, but did (against my better judgment) tune in to the Luntz (or is it "Dunce?") focus group of so-called undecideds, who called the night for Obama.


So the "Twilight Zone" feeling continues, though I suspect we'll see a bounce in the (admittedly biased) polls for John McCain. Methinks middle Americans who were watching -- the Joe Plumbers of the nation -- came to a very different conclusion than the curmudgeonly east-coast journalistic elites and the UMA's (undecided my a****!), a.k.a. the Luntz focus group.

BONUS VIDEO (Think Johnny Mac in the ring, yelling "Pa-a-a-lin"; Lindsey Graham lifts the boxing ring rope to let her slip in and join JMac in a touching embrace)

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