Saturday, October 11, 2008

Molotov Crock Tale?

They call it "The October Surprise". Molotov Mitchell and Peter Berg are key figures in this piece, the first as producer of the video and the latter a Montgomery County (PA) Democratic Party Chairman, lawyer, and former candidate for office. Here is their video; is it a game-changer?

If we had an independent media, these questions would have been answered already. At this point, I would be happy if the Dems dumped Obama and put in Hillary, and we take our chances in November. I fear Obama, and the coming thugocracy, should he become President. The behavior of some nominal Republicans/conservatives (Kathleen Parker, Christopher Buckley, David Brooks, et al) is mystifying. Do they not share the concerns of people such as Barone?

PS: I think McCain, at the next debate, should turn to Obama, and say the following:
"Senator, you requested that if I had something to ask you about it, that I ask about it to your face. Well, I have a lot to ask you, on behalf of the American people and in the best interests of this country. I don't expect you to answer them all tonight on this stage, but I certainly hope that in the coming days, you will address these fully and truthfully. First, why have you not produced your birth certificate? Were you born in Hawaii? Do you hold, or have you ever held, citizenship in a country other than the USA? Why have you not released your full and complete medical records? When will you? Why have you not released your transcripts from school? When did you first come to know Bill Ayers, and when did you first learn of his terrorist past? How much of his radical vision do you share? Do you agree with his comments about Hugo Chavez and the role of education in fomenting revolution? Do you wish to undermine the structure of this society as does Ayers? If not, can you help the American people understand where you agree with him and where you disagree? Who wrote "Dreams From My Father", you or a ghostwriter? If the latter, could you please identify him or her? What was your involvement in ACORN? What views of theirs do you share? There are lots of questions still unasked, but by answering those, I think you will do a great service to the American people. I look forward to your answers in the next few days."

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