Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm sure Katie and Chollie didn't ask about health care policy in Alaska

Even though, I am certain, they did their homework before doing their gotcha interviews.

You know, for a dim rifle-toting hick, this Palin gal seems to have a grasp of the politicization of health care delivery that flows from the awful "Certificate of Need" (aptly, CON, as in con job) process, and as an executive she lobbied for repeal:

The Certificate of Need is being used by lobbyists and health-care organizations to limit competition -- through appeal of other's certificate awards or by filing suit against the state for those awards. As one member of a citizen committee studying CON in 2007 put it: "the only voices heard (testifying for continuing CON even more stringently) were from the financially vested physicians and hospitals." Currently, there are seven active Certificate of Need lawsuits involving the state and private sector health-care providers

As I said recently in my State of the State Address to the Legislature, "Under our present Certificate of Need process, costs and needs don't drive health-care choices -- bureaucracy does. Our system is broken and expensive." Eliminating the CON program, with certain exceptions, will allow free-market competition and reduce onerous government regulation.

Katie, a question for you: can you name one significant health care initiative that Governor Palin pushed for in Alaska to benefit consumers, besides the one I just gave you above?

Chollie, you can ask Governor Palin why she supported "Eliminating... free market competition" - exact quote.

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