Thursday, October 9, 2008

Go Lt. Col. Allen West!

Lt. Col. Allen West is a true conservative, running for Congress in Florida's District 22, one of the many "down-ticket" bright spots in this increasingly trying election. West happens to be a black man, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia -- a decorated war veteran who has spent his life in the service of our great nation.

He didn't take too kindly to the racist attacks launched against Governor Sarah Palin by some congressional Democrats and made his displeasure publicly known. Via Gateway Pundit:

In response to the inflammatory racial statements made by Congressmen Meeks D-NY, Towns D-NY, and Jackson D-Ill. in the Jason Horowitz New York Observer article, "Black Congressmen Declare Racism in Palin's Rhetoric," (Ret.) Lt. Col. Allen West, congressional candidate for Florida's district 22, wrote the following:

"I have just finished reading an article written by Jason Horowitz in the New York Observer, "Black Congressmen Declare Racism in Palin's Rhetoric," and I am absolutely appalled. I refute the inflammatory comments of Rep. Meeks, Towns, and Jackson and I challenge them to debate me on the issue of race. Yes, I am a black conservative congressional candidate from district 22 in South Florida. This is a congressional district that is approximately 92% white. The tremendous support I've received in district 22, and throughout the country, doesn't jibe with Rep. Towns' claim that, “racism is alive and well in this country."

With that said, I reiterate the comment made by Governor Palin: Senator Obama is "not one of us". We are freedom loving Americans that believe in the Constitution, and shun marxist/socialist dogma. Sen. Obama's political and social allegiance with William Ayers proves he is, "not one of us." Let me bring to mind a simple maxim that my mom and dad taught me growing up in Georgia, "folks will know you by the company you keep." And as a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel I shall share a simple point: because of Senator Obama's associations, he would not be able to pass a background investigation in order to receive a security clearance. Yet, he seeks to be the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces?

It has become apparent that any person taking a stand against Sen. Obama's campaign will face the "Brown Shirt" intimidation tactics of individuals seeking to stoke racial fires.

I am sick and tired of the 21st century version of plantation overseers that pass themselves off as black leaders but only keep the black community hostage.

I am ashamed to admit I've not yet stopped by his victory office, which is just down the street from where I live. But that will change later today, as I am going to volunteer to help elect this brave patriot to office. If any of my South Florida friends are reading, please consider doing the same, or at least sending him a donation via his website. We desperately need people like Lt. Col. Allen West in Congress!

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