Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate II - A Roadmap To Victory

It's a Town hall format tonight which favors McCain. He should open by thanking Brokaw and telling the audience something to the effect of - this is great, we could have had ten of these so the American people could really get to know us, but my opponent refused. I' m still willing to do one of these per week, from now until Election Day. You're wlecome to travel along with us Tom.

Then McCain should go on the offensive on the economy and name names. It's a Democratic scandal with a roll call of names going back to Jimmy Carter. He then needs to emphasize his clarion call, as well as the call of many Republicans for more regulation years ago. When Obama no doubt responds by playing the race card and arguing that McCain is against housing for the poor, he can then flip it right back on him and tell him that it is he, Obama, who has constantly played the race card to distract voters.

He needs to hammer Obama and remind the country that it's the race baiting Democrats that caused this financial crisis. Republicans and others were so afraid of being tarred as racists that they muted their criticism of Fannie and Freddie, and now many minority homeowners and more importantly the taxpayers are getting the shaft. He then needs to shout from the roof tops - tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts and growth, growth, growth. Finally he needs to spell out how Obama's massive tax increase will lead us into another Great Depression.

McCain also needs to focus on the great foreign policy successes of the last eight years and talk about how Obama will gut the military. Remind the audience of the horrible decision by a federal judge in New Jersey today, ordering the release of 17 terrorists from Gitmo. Tell the voters, it is this very type of judge who Obama will appoint and which he opposes. Reinde everyone that the next President will get at the very least one Supreme Court appointment if not two.

McCain must then focus on vouchers in education and the great harm caused by the NEA. Education is a great lead in to Bill Ayers and about how Obama was given $50 million dollars by Ayers to distribute for education. As many people don't know, this money wasn't used for education at all but was given to radical groups like ACCORN and other America hating loons.

Finally, he just needs to follow Sarah's lead. Tell the truth, don't be afraid and do it an upbeat and enregized manners. If McCain takes this approach, he will no doubt be looking at much more favorable electoral map when the new polls come out later this week.

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