Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The buzz in Nashville is growing

Well, at least about Vandy football! I am surprised by how little "office cooler talk" there has been about the debate. I suppose it's because the venue is inaccessible to all but the few in the campaigns and with close ties to Belmont University. Throw in a little trepidation about how it might lead to traffic jams, and Nashville's moment in the spotlight isn't exactly a civic pride demonstration. But those #13 Commodores on the other hand!

Anyway, I need to get home and watch the debate. Before I leave work for the day, here's a video of feisty Sarah Cuda doing her thing on the stump today:

Sarah, any time you want to come to Nashville, just let me know!

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Daria said...

Oops! Doc Paul, beat you to it! :)