Saturday, September 13, 2008

YAWN! Another has-been Celebrity against Sarah Palin

Oh darn, Wonder Woman doesn't like her! She joins Matt Damon ,who will never be able to watch another Disney movie again; Pink who says that Sarah hates women (Pink? The name sounds vaguely familiar); Brad Garrett who thinks she's white trash and Roger Ebert , a silly man with an apparent distrust of glasses!

Uh, sure, ok.

Get back on your meds, kids. Or back to your RAVE, or whatever it is that the "cool" people in Tinseltown do for kicks. Leave the election to the grown-ups; we'll make sure you live another day free from radical Islamic terror, so you can make yet another America-bashing movie, don't worry. Better yet, why don'tch y'all just make your one-way plane reservations now for November 5th and just get the hell out of the country for good like you've been promising ever since the first George Bush term! Eight years later and you're still here? You can board a jet without guilt....just ask Al...I'm sure he'll sell you one of those carbon offset thingys -- for a price, of course. But what's a cool mill when you've got a planet to save?

And hey Linda? Gosh, it's been 30 years since you've been relevant on the pop-culture scene. I suggest you get a new agent.

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Merge Divide said...

So, you're back relying on that tired (but ever persistent) "celebrity" chestnut again? You're idol just got through embarrassing interview with the MSM's major league softball pitcher, and you want to get back on the subject of Hollyood? What happened to all the talk about how Sarah could handle herself in face-to-face interviews, without assistance from the trusty teleprompter? I guess that type of talk's gone now. Next up: The biggest challenge yet- Sean Hannity- who's been fawning all over her since he saw that iconic photo of the Governor playing with an assault rifle. Will she be able to step up to this next ordeal?