Friday, September 5, 2008

A Simple Prayer

Dear God,

If you are finally going to let Dick Morris be right about something, please, please, please let it be this!

The turning point was the designation of Palin and the personal attacks on her. By stirring up a storm, Democrats assured that Palin would speak to 37 million Americans - just a million fewer than watched Obama's acceptance speech.

Anecdotal evidence already suggests that women may have a gut reaction to the establishment's sexist assault on a woman candidate - and flock to McCain. They've seen him stake everything on this one big move of turning toward a woman - in direct contrast to Obama's deliberate decision not to name a woman.

They've seen the media and Democrats gang up on her and do their worst. And they've seen Palin stand up and stuff the challenge right back down the establishment's throat. All this may have created an entirely new dynamic in the race.

Hmmm...seems Caribou Barbie has not only injected new and vibrant life into the Maverick's campaign, she's given the Obama team that moose in the crosshairs kind of feeling. Is this suddenly a great election season or what?

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