Friday, September 5, 2008

High Praise Indeed

Today my boss took a colleague and me out to lunch to celebrate a birthday and the recent completion of an important work project. After finishing our delicious kosher meal, I stood by the door while my two co-workers waited in line to pay the bill. Nearby, a very pleasant group consisting of six gentlemen posed happily for the digital camera another one of their friends was holding. Noticing me standing there, he asked if I could do the honors so that they could all be included in the photo. I politely accepted and as I handed the camera back to its owner, he declared with enthusiasm, "Hey, you look like Sarah Palin!" To which I smiled, and replied with a thumbs-up, "I'll take that as a welcome compliment!"

Since these men also happened to be orthodox Jews (as evidenced by their attire), I felt fairly confident that they counted themselves among Barracuda's many admirers; still, this is South Florida, not the I-4 Corridor, so you just never know. I needn't have worried, because they all heartily expressed their praise for the Republican VP nominee (though sadly, my boss is quite another story).

Who would've guessed that when I began wearing my glasses almost exclusively a few weeks ago, thanks to my contact lenses suddenly and inexplicably becoming intolerable, that history would be made on August 29? I may never go back to contacts again! :)

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