Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"The McCain-Palin Surge"

With this latest news out of New Mexico, Hugh Hewitt notices a dramatic shift:

John McCain has now moved ahead in New Mexico, more evidence of an across the board shift towards McCain-Palin that has panicked the Dems and sent Obama-Biden into a spin cycle that sees gaffe follow gaffe. Now the Dalibama has had to spend two days first attacking Palin and then defending his slam at Sarah Palin as a pig by denying that's what he meant, though everyone in his audience and across the country instantly knew that is exactly what he meant. His refusal to own his blunder is not going to help him in the last with the independents and Hillary Dems he had already angered via his campaign's abetting of the first wave of attacks on Palin.


But let's keep up the grassroots efforts -- I am not taking anything for granted until after November 4. Still, it's an amazing turn of events, one that would not have been possible for Senator McCain without Governor Palin.

Obama is looking increasingly exhausted and rattled with each passing day; clearly the secular messiah was woefully unprepared for the phenomenon of Sarah. Thus, clumsy statements have replaced soaring rhetoric while The One has been reduced to hurling degrading insults at the Republican VP, when his focus should be on the man challenging him for President. In the process, he's tarnished his halo and rudely interrupted the tingly chills running up Chris Matthews' leg (I suspect whatever chills Chris may have left are of the horrifying, "we're going to lost this thing!" variety).

Who'd have thunk it just a few short weeks ago? To apply an oft-used phrase for another political powerhouse, Senator McCain, you magnificent bastard!

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