Saturday, September 13, 2008

Iraq, Again

Just a reminder that "This war is lost!" -- Per Jim at Gateway Pundit (one of my absolute favorites in the 'sphere), President Bush welcomed Iraqi President Jalal Talibani to the Oval Office the other day, where they celebrated the "improved security" and "quality of life" for a country that was not-so-long ago held captive by the evil forces of totalitarianism. Jim is right, if the United States of America had a responsible media, this incredible news would've made headlines in all of the major newspapers, not to mention lead-story status on every broadcast. Given their relentless obstruction from the moment "Shock and Awe" commenced, this incredible turnaround is even more, dare I say, awe-inspiring!

Say what you will about President Bush, he's to be commended for standing up for what's right in the face of a hostile Congress and a complicit media. Senator McCain pushed for the surge and George W. Bush heeded the warning. Talk about putting your country first! General David Petraeus, Ambassador Ryan Crocker and the United States Military are modern-day heroes. What they have accomplished is nothing short of a miracle -- Iraq is now a free nation, and while there are many gains yet to be made, we've succeeded in turning a "quagmire" into a functioning nation.

I am so incredibly proud of both my country and my President! How 'bout you, Michelle? Barack?

Alas, like Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Senator Harry Reid and Congressman Jack Murtha were also unavailable for comment.

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