Friday, September 12, 2008

The Gibson Interview

Another typical Dinosaur media attack on Sarah Palin. The arrogance of Gibson was readily apparent. Most of his questions contained assumptions which simply weren't true, and I wished Sarah would have called him on some of them instead of acting likely the the lady that she is. I'm thinking of one question in particular where he referred to the weak state of the economy due to Bush's policies.

First off the economy grew at a rate of 3.9% in the last quarter, not great but significantly better than the 0.9% rate of growth in the last quarter of the Clinton Administration. Gibson conveniently forgets before what it was like before Ronald Reagan set the economy on its present course in 1981. Since that time the US economy has been extremely strong over the past 28 years with only a few years of mild recession mixed in. Can you say Jimmy Carter, Charley? Did you forget double digit unemployment and inflation?

Gibson's condescending attitude and the way he was sitting almost on top of Governor Palin was ridiculous. Hey Chuck is that a ten gallon hat on your lap or are you just glad to see Sarah. What a contrast to the softballs he lobs to Obama and other liberals.

The McCain camp should screw the dinosaur media amd completely bypass them. John and Sarah sould simply take their show on the road and do town hall meetings where they speak directly to the American people. Just who annointed the dinosaur media gate keepers anyway.

Give 'em hell Sarah. Let's roll.

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