Monday, September 1, 2008

While We're on the Subject

Here's my sister-in-law Lisa's reply to some of her less enlightened co-workers' emails regarding the 2008 campaign, and Trig Palin in particular. In the interest of privacy, I've eliminated the name of the company:

To (Employer Name Deleted) -I usually don't response to e-mails such as these. I am sure that most of these e-mails are written in jest since you have established working relationships with each other. However, I have to put in my two cents for whatever it is worth.

With that said, I am the new kid on the block at (DELETED), so most of you have never met me. I am an educated, 45 year-old mother of four young children and have a 49 year-old brother-in-law with Down's Syndrome. First, let me say, my brother-in-law "suffers" from nothing except the overwhelming love and support of his family.

I respect other peoples' political views and opinions. And to be honest, neither McCain nor Obama would be my pick for President. That is usually the case in Presidential elections - you need to pick the better of the two. It's hard to believe that with all the millions of Americans - we are left with these two individuals to lead our nation in the most trying of times.

It is obvious that many Americans, including myself are impressed with Obama's speaking style, his ability to bring you in and inspire you to hope for something better. However, I don't want to be "hoping" that he can run the nation if he is elected.

As women, we all choose different paths in life. I respect the professional working woman, as well as the stay-at-home Mom. I can say this honestly since I have walked both paths. For me, I decided for the last ten years to be a full-time Mom. I will tell you this is the hardest position I have ever held especially compared to my high-level management positions.

I know very little about Sara Palin but I would not belittle her for being a mother of five. It is the mothers of America that shape the core foundation of this great nation - with values and morals. I was impressed with her passion and conviction yesterday.

All I am looking for in our leaders is ..... the integrity and the dignity to stand up for what is right and not to be persuaded by lobbyists and special interest groups..... to be responsible with my tax dollars and manage the national budget like it is their own personal one .... and most importantly, to keep this nation free and safe so that my children can look forward to more opportunities than I can ever imagine for them.

Let's wait and see - what Sarah has to offer. The debates will be interesting to say the least!Hope to meet you all soon. Lisa

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