Friday, September 19, 2008

The "View" From Here

I don't know why John and Cindy McCain wasted their precious time in the heat of a close campaign to appear on such an inane program as The View, otherwise known as Goldilocks (Hasselback) and the Soviet Bears. These whacked out broads (save for Goldy) simply could not hide their disdain for the McCains. I especially loved the total hypocrisy of Barbara Walters, supposedly one of the best interviewers in the world. She continually pressed McCain for specifics as to how he and Governor Palin would bring change to Washington, and did so in arrogant and condescending tone. Compare that to her swooning, and batting her eyes as she cooed to the messiah, " we all think your sexy." Very insightful comment Babs, and hardhitting too. You're ready for an anchor chair next to Olbermann and Matthews. Whose leg would tingle first in that unholy triumvirate?
Memo to Johnny Mac. Don't be deceived by the elitist, dinosaur media into thinking that there are "shows" that you and Sarah have to do. The drive-by media is yesterday's news. They are no longer the gatekeepers. Dan Rather anyone? Take your campaign right to the people. Do a series of town hall meetings from now until Election Day and introduce yourselves to the American people that way. Leave the $30,000 a plate Hollywood fundraisers to Obama and the filthy rich liberals.

One thing we know about you Senator McCain is that you sure can withstand torture, and you proved it during your extended stay at the Hanoi Hilton. You don't need to prove it again by appearing on The View and other like-minded shows.

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