Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Speaking of Ralph....

My Mom called me a little while ago with some very exciting news. She and Ralph volunteered today at the local McCain-Palin campaign office in Wayne, PA, where they stuffed envelopes, made phone calls and did all of the things necessary to win a presidential election. The staffers and volunteers were so impressed with Ralph that they invited my parents and him to a special meeting with Senator McCain and Governor Palin when they visit suburban Philadelphia! Mom doesn't know where or when at this moment, but promises to take lots of pictures, which I will post on the blog. Since I live in South Florida, I can't be there to see it live; however it will be a momentous occasion for my entire family. I'm especially thrilled for my parents who, in the face of tremendous opposition back in the day, refused to ship my brother off to an institution.

And for Sarah, hopefully it will be yet another reminder of the great possibilities God has in store for even the "least" among us, including her beautiful son.

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