Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Somebody gets it!

I have been scratching my head wondering why the talking heads (I think, in particular, of Krauthammer) think that the pick of Palin neutralized the experience argument. My take was that McCain had probably gotten what mileage he could out of that line of argumentation, and that all that was left was for Obama to raise it - then, BAM! - it would explode in his face.

James Robbins agrees:

It's interesting that Barack Obama is publicly making the argument that he has more political experience than Sarah Palin. Why does the top of the Dem ticket feel the need to run against the bottom of the GOP ticket? It diminishes him. And by stressing experience as a metric, isn't Obama setting himself up for the inevitable losing battle of his time in office versus John McCain's? Anyway wasn't this election all about "change?" Didn't Hillary lose the nomination by stressing experience? They must really feel threatened by Ms. Palin.

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