Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sinking Deeper Everyday

I don't know why I'm surprised by anything the Left does anymore. Sure, I'm simultaneously outraged, angry, foaming-at-the-mouth, ticked off, disgusted, repulsed, horrified and a host of other emotionally charged adjectives -- but surprised shouldn't be one of them. If the elections of 2000 and 2004 didn't prove that there is no depth to which these cretins won't plummet, no boundary they will not breach and no expletive they will leave unexpressed, then perhaps I really don't know the "reality-based community" very well after all.

Yesterday, in the wake of finally publishing my book online and subsequently reading about the invasion of Governor Palin's privacy, I found myself vacillating wildly between the indescribable joy of accomplishment and the bone-chilling realization that we share this beautiful country with a bunch of people who really ought to be locked up in an institution, where they can rant and rave harmlessly while the rest of us tend to the wellbeing of our nation and our families.

In searching around the web, I believe the Anchoress had the best summation:

I don’t know anyone who has not occasionally used their private email for business and vice versa. But that’s not the point. What they’ve done to Palin is criminal and can bring jailtime. More importantly, is THIS really how they want to win an election? By getting into picayune minutiae of email, trying to find something scandalous, when there is not a politician alive who would want his or her private emails smeared across the internet, of for that matter, anyone else? What gives these people the right to think they can invade someone’s privacy like this?

And excuse me, but aren’t the people on the left the ones who have been telling us - without basis - for the last 8 years that “evil nazi Bush” has been “intruding into people’s private correspondences” and that this (if it were happening) would be a bad thing? Can the hypocrisy get any thicker? First Palin is “not a woman”, and “not the mother of her baby,” and all the rest of the looney tunes stuff…now, she is not an American entitled to her privacy? Is she associating with known terrorists? Is that why she was invaded?

This is the step too far that we all knew the left would take. It’s going to backfire on them spectacularly. No reasonable person, and certainly no centrist or independent type, is going to think that this was relevant, or fair, or the way to play the game.

If Obama doesn’t do some serious damage control, very quickly: game over. These idiots have just brought Sarah Palin enormous sympathy. Now, people don’t just empathize with her, they don’t just “understand” who she is…now, they’ll want to PROTECT her. Stupid, stupid, stupid move. And unethical. And immoral.


UPDATE: What's in the water in Memphis? First, Congressman Steve Cohen and now this?

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