Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sarah versus Nancy

Kyle-Anne Shiver analyzes the real motivation behind John McCain's choice of running mate (clue to clueless liberals: it aint because she's a woman):

If Governor Sarah Palin were a man, then McCain’s choice of her as his running mate would be as obvious as current American opinion on the matter of drilling for oil as the emergent top issue in this election. According to Rasmussen’s latest figures, a full 64% of Americans support the drill-here-drill-now option, and a full 42% of those believe that this is the best way to effect lower prices at the pump.

Picking Palin is all about drilling, stupid.

Shiver then draws a stunning contrast between the arrogance of Speaker Pelosi and the "nose to the grindstone" principled work ethic of Governor Sarah Palin:

In Sarah Palin, John McCain has found the perfect all-American match for Imperious Nancy and her Democrat enablers, who prefer to make the Capitol posh and green and fried-food-free, rather than deal with the people’s actual need of a government that works in their interest.

When all is said and done, I believe pundits will look back after the election and attribute its real turning point not to August 29, but to August 1, when our do-nothing (Republicans excepted) Congress, under the haughty "leadership" of Nancy Pelosi, refused to bring the issue of drilling to a vote. Rather than serve the interests of the American public, they put the interests of their flush-with-cash trial lawyer and extreme environmental lobbies first and foremost (what else is new).

The difference, however, is that the American electorate now overwhelmingly favors offshore drilling, making Sarah Palin a logical choice based on her vast knowledge of what has become a hot-button issue for economic and national security reasons. Add Putin's invasion of the sovreign democracy of Georgia into the mix and we have a critical exclamation point on the entire matter, further aided by Obama's moral equivalency blundering -- and McCain's solid support of Georgia and straightforward condemnation of Putin -- in the immediate aftermath.

Post-November 4, 2008, I believe these occurances, in addition to the House Republican revolt, and Newt Gingrich's Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less campaign, will have been proven to have paved the way for the McCain-Palin ticket and the definining moment when Democrats overplayed their hand to their own detriment (and the country's ultimate good).

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