Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reconsidering Palin

Seth Leibsohn at The Corner:

The idea, planted by the media and Democrats, that she wasn't vetted: gone, because not believable or important anymore.

The idea that her family is from Peyton Place or says one thing and does another: gone.

The idea that she's a lightweight: gone.

The idea that she was picked only because she was a woman or a strong conservative: gone.

This is all not just the power of a word fitly spoken, it's the dominance of character of the person doing the speaking. It shined through big last night, bigger than any media, political, or speech coach could make happen.

Yes, debates and interviews to come but in the story of Sarah Palin, we now have read chapter one, the prepublication reviewers got it wrong, and we liked the first chapter so much we can't wait to get to chapter two.

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