Monday, September 1, 2008

A Palin palindrome

Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?

Okay, I hope not too few!

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Joe Hilley's bio-op of GOP frontrunner Sarah Palin elevates her to near-messiah status: Advance reading copy tells all for all to tell

Henry, keep your hands to yourself! Sheesh!


NSFW: This is a blogpost of satire, humor, mere silliness. Please do not take one word of this "preview" seriously.


The eagerly-awaited post-op bio-op of GOP frontrunner, er, running-mate, Sarah Palin elevates the Alaska governor to near-messiah status: Advance reading copy to tell all for all to tell although not everyone will agree to disagree, says humourist Leinad Moolb in this wicked piece of satire

This previewer was able to finagle (is that still a word?) an advanced reading copy of Joe Hilley's bio-op about GOP frontrunner Sarah Palin, and we can report here that it's a glowing, gloating, beatific confirmation of her rapid ascendance to the dizzying, dazzling heights of presidential power's world-certified aphrodisiacal group love-in embrace. That sentence was too long. [Note to Editor: please cut it.]

It's that good. It's going to be a media love-in, 2008-style. Man the book reviews!

Everyone loves a winner, and Governor Palin's a winner in this much-praising and much-to-be-praised about new testament to postmodern, pre-election spotlightainment.
Mr Hilley's certainly done his homework, and his dedication to the heavenly cause is apparent on every page -- and beyond reproach. Not only does he admire Ms Palin, the 44 year old wunderkind of Alaskan politics and now a world-historical hero artist who makes even Pakistani prime ministers go nuclear and glow -- and blush! -- when they meet her face to face and ask for a hug -- [Note to Editor: didn't happen!] -- Hilley elevates her to an elevated pedastal high above the G-dless "shining cities" below. Palin is an angel sent by G-d, molded by G-d [Kenywan witchcraft prayers to the contrary!) and running for high office as John McCain's frontrunner on G-d power.

Mr Hilley never quite comes out and says this explicitly, but it is implicit in his every word.

From her humble beginnings in an Iditarod lob cabin to her teenage forays into sportsmanship and smalltown pageantry in Wasilla -- which is a neat PALINdrome for "Abe Lincoln", by the way, in Martian orz-speak -- Ms Palinc comes across well. She should. She's the real McCoy, no matter which side of the fence you are looking at her from.

The book is a bio-op of extreme delicacy, written on a dime, spun perfectly to fit today's weltanschang (Note to Editor: spell check, please, that German vord! Kissinger used it the other day when he met Gov Palin, and it's still ringing in my ear].

The bio is in no way a hatchet job; quite the contrary, it is quite the contrary. It's a beauty salon job of heavenly enchantment, and Palin supporters will go away vindicated in their belief that she is a new messiah -- and who says women cannot be messiahs, too?

However, critics of Sarah Palin, and they are legion, mostly on the paranoid left, might find Hilley's dishing better left unsampled. Whatever, viewers can catch the reviews on Larry King and Sean Hannity.

All in all, to sum it all up, this is a book whose title will most likely be an answer on a future Jeopardy show guest-starrring -- who else? -- retired senator John McCain.

Read it and weep: 1. Because it tells all, and 2. Because it's a tall tale, and 3. Because it was from the very beginning a hopelessly tall order.

Note to readers still scrolling down this far: You can download the entire contents of Mr Hilley's book about Sarah Palin on the Internet, according to rumors. Google it and find out where the link it.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Leinad Moolb is a humorist who spent 12 years in Alaska, none of which he spent in Wasilla. He now resides in Cyberspace. To contact him, pro or con, email him at: