Thursday, September 18, 2008

Only a Liberal

Could rail against the FISA bill...leaving us more vulnerable to terrorist attacks for three entire months, while Senators Clinton and Obama pandered to their trial lawyers and special interests in their zeal to win over hardcore constituents, otherwise known as the modern Democrat Party. America's security vis-a-vis the FISA bill was of little concern to these so-called public servants when there was a nutroots primary base hanging in the balance. Remember this?

Only a Liberal...could go into convulsions over the Patriot Act, Abu Ghraib, waterboarding (ok, I know McCain is against this too, but given his history I can disagree with him respectfully), Guantanamo Bay, the terms "radical Islamic terror"; "Islamofascism"; and "Axis of Evil"; and even General Petraeus and the Surge (the success of which they still refuse to acknowledge) -- and yet remain strangely silent over the illegal invasion of the Palin family's privacy.

Does anyone doubt what their reaction would have been if the messiah had been on the receiving end of such a gross violation?

Does the end always justify the means with these people?

Why is the Left obsessed with the rights of felons, child-rapists, death-row inmates and bloodthirsty terrorists, yet more than ok (some would argue, rapturous) with partial-birth abortion, and in the case of Senator Obama, infanticide? Where is the logic? Where's the decency?

And more to the point, given what we know about the Left, why oh why, are the polls so tight? I just don't get it.

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