Thursday, September 11, 2008

On 9/11

As I put out my flags this morning along the walkway leading to my front porch, I was struck by the fact that I didn't notice many other flags in my neighborhood. Contrast this with the late Summer and Fall of 2001, when American flags were proudly flying everywhere. How quickly we forget that horrific day and the 3000 of our fellow citizens who were brutally murdered by Islamo - Fascist terrorists.

What is even worse is the attitude of the dinosaur media which has imposed a news blackout of 9/11. You never see pictures on TV of the planes hitting the towers, nor of the towers falling down except on the yearly anniversary. The so - called intelligentsia believe that talking about 9/11 and teaching our kids about it, is politicizing it. I was heartened to hear from my three oldest kids that the principal at their school did a 9/11 tribute over the loudspeaker afer morning prayers, and that the teachers talked about 9/11 in their individual classes.

We must never forget. We owe that to the 9/11 victims and their families, the first responders who valiently gave their lives, and the brave men and women of the American military heros all. As the saying goes, " all it takes for evil to triumph if for good men to do nothing. God Bless America.Prosit.

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Daria said...


I was one of only a few condos in my community to display the flag in the front window. Yesterday, I wore a navy dress with a short red jacket to work and a flag pin. No one in the office even really commented about my attire or 9/11, save for one person (a friend of mine who is also a Republican). It's like everyone just went back to sleep. Ho-hum...7th anniversary, whatever. SIGH!