Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Obama and Biden put pork first and people second"

I have had lingering unanswered questions about how exactly "The Bridge to Nowhere" played out, particularly as it involved Governor Palin. The Alaska Democratic Party credited her with stopping the project, but in good Stalinist fashion, airbrushed history and removed their words of praise from an anti-Ted Stevens web site they run*. So what was her role? Despite trying to find explicit information, I got lots of talking points (from both sides). There was the glib Obama "She was for it before she was against it" (John Kerry, that's gotta hurt!), there was the save-face approach of Palin partisans who said "well, at least she ended up on the right side of the issue". Neither seemed to me to get to the nut of the story. Well, finally, Deroy Murdock has.

Read his piece and understand why the more Obama and Biden bring this up, the more their hypocrisy (genuine hypocrisy, not the human frailty sort of thing that lefties like to call hypocrisy but isn't) is highlighted.

And a trenchant comment from Jonah Goldberg that is the exclamation point on this matter:
Now imagine if he was talking about food stamps or sex ed instead of the Bridge to Nowhere. You can be sure all the folks at the Obama campaign and TPM would be talking about how Sarah Palin killed the project dead.

* Following links from the site referenced above that wrote about the airbrushing of history, I found this link, where Governor Palin is explicitly credited with killing the bridge. I saved a copy of that last linked page to the hard drive, just in case!

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