Monday, September 15, 2008

Michael Graham writes an e-mail to The One on McCain's behalf

Because, you see, having been beaten as a POW, using a keyboard is not so easy. Here's an excerpt, but read the whole thing here:

Sen. Obama, I have the honor of working with the Fisher House Foundation, an organization that provides housing to wounded soldiers and their families. Through the Fisher House, I’ve met brave young men who lost arms and legs fighting terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq.

What if, Sen. Obama, one of these veterans should choose to run for public office against an “agent of change” like yourself one day? Will they have to endure ads about how they “can’t send an email,” too? You know, Sen. Obama, some of these heroes can’t play the piano, speed dial their cellphones or dance the Macarena, either. Am I to assume they are, in your opinion, unfit for duty?

It is you, Sen. Obama, who are unfit to serve as Commander-In-Chief. Your lack of fitness is demonstrated in this disgusting attack on the painful legacy of John McCain’s service to America.

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