Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Not Just the Economy Stupid, It's the Courts

As a member of the legal profession, I deal with the the branch of government least familiar to the general public especially at election time. Of course, I'm speaking of the judiciary. While many are focused on the war on terror and the economy and rightly so, the type of judges that the next President will appoint is also extremely important. Particularly the members of the federal bench who are appointed by the President and not elected. I am not just speaking of the US Supreme Court but also the Federal Appellate court (Circuit Courts) and District Courts (trial courts).

While I am very happy with the way the McCain - Palin campaign is humming along at this point, they really need to emphasize this issue. It is extremely important that John McCain be elected because he will appoint strict constructionists who will interpret the Constitution as it is written and not make things up in order to play social scientist. The Constitution is the greatest man - made document ever written, and it does not need to be ignored or neutered by pseudo - intellectual, elitist, liberal judges who think they are better than the we poor folks in fly over country.

Over the last fifty years, liberal so-called progressives have seized the offensive in the culture war, and they sure didn't do it by winning elections. The Republican Party has won seven out of the last ten presidential elections, yet there has been an all out war on our traditional institutions, and American way of life.

How did they do it,you say? Enter the activist judges. What they couldn't win at the ballot box, the liberals have ordered by judicial fiat. We all know about the Supreme Court. What you may not know is that some of the most offensive judicial activists were appointed by Republicans. Would you believe Earl Warren, John Paul Stevens, David souter, and Anthony Kennedy?

To this day, the only mistake that I believe that Ronald Reagan made in his Presidency was not pushing hard enough for the nomination of Robert Bork. I suppose that at that point even President Reagan could not predict the magnitude of the vicious attacks on Judge Bork led by Ted Kennedy and the dinosaur media. When you consider that we are dealing with a divided 5 -4 Court, how much better off we would have been with Justice Bork. In my opinion, the fact that Judge Bork was not confirmed was as great a tragedy as our failure to elect Barry Goldwater in 1964.

But I must give the devil his due. Liberals know on what field the game is played. They realize that they can't win the battle of ideas in a free democracy so they resort to Stalinism and seek to impose their will through the judiciary. Their slanderous attacks on Judge Bork encouraged them to viciously attack Justice Thomas four years later. He was their worst nightmare, a minority who was a conservative. Is it any surprise then that they are resorting to the same type of horrific attacks on governor Palin today. She's an equally scary nightmare, a conservative woman.

Let's take a quick look at the level of devastation wreaked by a liberal Supreme Court. Abortion on demand, affirmative action, attacks on the second amendment, no prayer or God in public schools, no vouchers for poor students, the ruling that terrorists at Gitmo are entitled to due process rights and the protections of the Geneva Convention. Let's not forget the Texas sodomy case. Now they are even talking about looking to international law for legal precedent. Can you imagine that. Subjecting American citizens to foreign jurisdiction. Sharia law anyone? With friends like that,who needs enemies.

The federal circuit courts are no better. Witness the many rulings declaring several state laws outlawing gay marriage unconstitutional. What will of the people. The people voted, but these elitist judges simply figured that they know better than the average folks. What's worse, these judges don't even make rulings based on sound judicial precedent. It's much easier to make things up out of whole cloth and ot substitute their "superior" will to the will of the people. As noted above, what is precedent. Do we look to Cuban law? The Koran? China? Russia?

The point is if Obama wins he will get at least two or maybe three Supreme Court appointments in his first term. Millions of babies born and unborn will be sentenced to death. Millions of illegals will be granted full rights of citizenship including the right to vote. The military will be unable to wage war or defend us from terrorist attacks. Free speech will die a gruesome death at the hands of the "Fairness Doctrine". Radical environmentalism will kill the greatest economy the world has ever seen, while at the same time doing nothing to protect the environment. Energy independence will never be attainable. The greatest health care delivery system in the world will be socialized resulting in poor medicine, higher costs, and the rationing of health care. The institution of marriage will be destroyed. In short, the very nature of our American democracy will be threatened.

The scariest point about all of the above, is that all of this will happen without one vote being cast. It will be done by judicial fiat against the will of the majority.

When I woke up this morning, this was still America. I love her and don't ever intend to leave. When I wake up on November 5, I want to be in the same place. I'm voting for John McCain.

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