Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"I am Sarah Palin"

Via Michelle Malkin. The Left might have finally overplayed their hand with their grotesque assualt on Governor Sarah Palin and her family. Hell hath no fury like a pissed-off Republican know, those Bible-readin,' gun-totin,' God-fearin' creatures that are as foreign to the east-and-west coast media elites as a cup of plain-old (and may I add, delicious!)Dunkin Donuts coffee. But much like the ubiquitous hot pink franchise that caters to us working rubes, the "Sleeping Giant" has not only awakened, she's ready to make her presence (and displeasure) known in November. Per Tom Delay:

“The media has done more for John McCain in the last two days than he’s done for himself in the last year and a half,” DeLay said. “Trashing her is waking up the sleeping giant, and the sleeping giant is Republican women.”

Good thing the media is so enamored with each other's opinions that they are tone-deaf to the lives and feelings of real Americans. While their disgusting display of political bias might've played well with their colleagues and militant feminists (while ruthlessly intruding upon the privacy of Palin's daughter and other family members), all it has done is transform Sarah Palin into even more of a middle-class heroine and a modern-day Joan of Arc. And though there won't be any moose carcasses in the auditorium after Sarah addresses the nation in her speech tonight, there may very well be a few "drive-by" media carcasses lying around -- along with any shred of credibility (not to mention integrity) they may once have had.

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