Friday, September 12, 2008

Charlie Gibson: Supercilious Jerk

It's bad enough that he adopted the posture of the admissions officer who felt it was beneath his dignity to have to waste his valuable time on this marginal applicant to his esteemed institution, but to take quotes out of context in an effort to try to paint SHP as a Jesus freak is the sort of thing that must have Todd Palin thinking "Just one shot, that's all I ask". This election coverage is so blatantly partisan, and the rules that the media have adopted so outrageous, that the only saving grace is that they are creating a backlash. Here's Chris Muir addressing it today:

I hope that every woman watching sees in Gibson the kind of pompous egotism that led them to break up with that kind of guy when he tried to belittle them when they were dating. Thanks, Charlie, for reminding women of their least liked ex-boyfriend. You little jerk.

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