Saturday, September 6, 2008

Buh-Bye Boomers?

I just came across a great article by James Lewis on the exceptional blog, American Thinker. Funny, Doc Paul and I had a lively conversation on this topic just last night. One of our conclusions -- which filled us with immense pride and relief -- was that he is most likely not a Boomer and that I definitely fall outside of that category, based on my birth year (though membership in Generation X may not be a fair trade-off, given the rampant enthusiasm of today's "youth" -- recent college grads, 30-somethings -- for Oprah's favorite candidate).

While it's blatantly unfair to paint an entire generation with the same self-serving brush, it's hard to deny that many -- perhaps most -- Americans born between 1946-1964(?) have displayed a perverted selfishness never before seen in the history of this great nation.

Take the time to click over and read, but here's a taste of what Lewis terms "Boomer Weirdness," a phenomenon that the ascension (and hopefully, election) of McCain-Palin might finally elimate from American politics and culture:

Believe it or not, this used to be a normal country. Maybe John McCain and Sarah Palin are a sign of a return to normal -- assuming the voters elect them instead of the comedy team on the other side.

"Boomer Weirdness" is the great eruption of irrationality that seized the West three decades ago, when the Boomer Left rose to positions of power. I don't think the Boom Generation as a whole is any madder than other generations; but the Boomer Left --- ah, now we're talkin' several curlicues short of a plumbline.

When the Boomer Left "Marched Through the Institutions" (as they called it) in the 1970s and 80s, you could actually see a sudden wild swerve in our news media, our universities and politics. The Democratic Party was seized by the Far Left after the 1968 Chicago convention. The New York Times went PC in the 70s, and you could actually see the new, Far Left orthodoxy lock down in a matter of months. It hasn't recovered yet.

But it wasn't just the US. Today the old, high-brow Times of London reads like a tabloid, with girlie pics and all. Britain is now a shadow of its former self; nobody knows if it will ever recover. Europe has become a defense parasite on the United States, and we tolerate it. The Western world went from rational thinking to the Planet of the Weird. It's been slip-slidin' away ever since. Normal people watch it happening everywhere, and they feel utterly helpless to stem this epidemic weirdness, often rising to the level of criminality.

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