Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another thought on the hacking incident

I had Greta on the TV, but that is usually when I turn my attention nearly completely to the laptop and catch up on the baseball scores and blogs. I did see a bit where Jeanine Pirro, Ted Williams, and a couple of other attorneys were in on a panel discussion. A couple of them, including Pirro (!), were making the point that if state business were being conducted via a personal e-mail account, that would make it newsworthy.

Frothing at the mouth, I kept wondering what kind of moral obtuseness leads one to say such a thing. To her credit (and she can be very good when not chasing down tabloid stories as if they were the the most important thing in the world), Greta kept coming back to the point: it's a felony to hack into someone's e-mail account, no matter what might be found. She seemed dumbfounded that she had to make that point over and over again.

That got me to thinking, though: In what is truly a matter of tremendous importance, namely, monitoring terrorists, the Left gets apoplectic when the government wants to be able to listen to international calls involving a suspected terrorist at one end and an American at the other. This they call "domestic spying". This they call an abrogation of civil liberties (or maybe they call it that until it's time to vote on it, at which time they change their mind - right, Senator Obama?). But hacking into a governor's private e-mail account? Hey, they might find something that constitutes bad form!

It's no wonder I have agita!

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